Improve your cash flow to reinvest profit and accelerate growth

Instant Payout gives you quick access to your working capital

Time is money. The sooner you get your earnings, the sooner you can reinvest them in your growth. Admitad’s Instant Payout lets you withdraw your earnings faster. No more waiting for advertisers to pay for your actions. With Instant Payout, your earnings will move to the “Ready for withdrawal” status within 24 hours.
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Withdraw money for actions to be approved
How to use Instant Payout
Manual mode
1. Request
Click Switch all funds to "Ready for withdrawal" to create a request to transfer funds.
The request takes up to 24 hours to be processed. When using the service, the amount of your reward will reduce slightly.
2. Processing
Once processing is complete, your funds will be given the Ready for withdrawal status, and you'll be able to withdraw them.
3. Ready for withdrawal
Automatic mode
When any funds get the Awaiting advertiser payment status on your balance, a request to transfer them to the Ready for withdrawal status will be created in Instant Payout.
Who can use Instant Payout
You can use Admitad Instant Payout if your account meets the following requirements:
You’ve worked with Admitad Affiliate for more than 6 months
Your account successfully passed automatic system evaluation and received access to Instant Payout
You have funds with the “Awaiting advertiser payment” status in “Balance details”